What Is a Trademark?

A recognized emblem, phrase, word, or symbol that indicates a certain product and legally distinguishes it from all other goods of its sort is referred to as a trademark.
A trademark is a symbol that uniquely identifies a product as belonging to a certain firm and acknowledges that company’s ownership of the brand. Trademarks are a type of intellectual property that can be registered or unregistered.
The use of a trademark prohibits others from copying a company’s or individual’s products or services without authorization. They also restrict any marks that have a high possibility of being confused with one that already exists. This implies that a company can’t use a symbol or brand name that looks or sounds similar to, or has the same meaning as, one that’s already registered—especially if the products or services are connected.
For example, a soft drink business cannot use a symbol that resembles Coca- Cola’s, nor can it use a name that sounds like Coca-Cola.