What is a personal interview?

A personal interview is essentially an interaction between a recruiter and any candidate who is evaluated for being employed by the recruiter in the future. However, people sometimes fail to understand that the personal interview is a two-way process and interaction. This interaction is based on the candidate’s communication skills and his efficiency in expressing himself properly. In certain cases, a recruiter would aim to assess the candidate’s knowledge on the subject matter for example if the recruitment is being carried out for employment in an IT Company or a legal firm, the candidate may be assessed based on his knowledge of software technology and laws, respectively. Further, personal interviews also include an assessment of how a candidate will react to certain circumstances when he faces those in the future. In today’s generation, it is imperative that a candidate is able to express his opinions and ideas comfortably and in a manner that is understandable to everyone. Therefore, recruiters tend to focus on how the candidate tackles certain difficulties and how he tries to bring solutions to certain problems. They also assess his skills and if he fits into the company based on those skills.