What is a Calculated Field, and How Will You Create One?

A calculated field is used to generate new (updated) fields from the data source’s existing data. It may be used to provide more stable visualizations while having no impact on the underlying dataset.
Calculate the “average delay to ship,” for example.
For four distinct locations, the data set in question contains information on order date and ship date. To make a calculated field, follow these steps:

  1. Select Create Calculated Field from the Analysis menu.
  2. On the screen, a computation editor appears. Give the computed field a name: Shipping Delay.
  3. Enter the following formula: DATEDIFF (‘day’, [Order Date], [Ship Date])
  4. Click the “OK” button.
  5. Bring Shipping Delay into focus.
  6. Using the formula, repeat steps 1 to 5 to generate a new calculated field called “Average Shipping Delay” using the formula: AVG (DATEDIFF (‘day,’ [Order Date], [Ship Date]))
  7. Drag the Region field to the Rows shelf and SUM(Average Shipping Delay) to the Marks card to see the average shipping delay for each region.