What ia capitalism in economics?

Capitalism is a free-market system built on private ownership, in particular, the idea that owners of Capital have Property rights that entitle them to earn a profit as a reward for putting their capital at RISK in some form of economic activity. capitalism to work the state must be strong enough to guarantee property rights.

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In a few words, capitalism is an economic system in which goods are produced for sale on the market with a view to profit. Modern capitalism is characterised by the wage/capital relationship. Capital rests in the hands of a minority class who get a profit by employing others, who, because they do not own capital, work for them for a wage.

A capitalist is any person who owns sufficient capital not to have to work for a living. Many capitalists do work hands on in their business. The point is that, as owners of capital, the system provides them with an income and they don’t have to.