What does a day look like for a professional in Operations Domain?

The typical day of an operations manager look like the following
• Analyzing the work done yesterday and checking if the targets are met or not.
• Meeting with colleagues and supervisors to discuss about the target shortfall if there is one.
• Deciding upon the work plan for today and discussing the same with team.
• Setting up meeting with the suppliers to ensure smooth functioning of the process.
• Visit to the production unit to check on the protocols being followed and discussion with the production heads.
• Design the plan/ working fot the next day in consultation with the various department heads
• Address any issues/ problems faced in any of the processes and coming up with the solution of the same.
• Conversing with the colleagues and supervisors about the improvement in the processes followed by each department.
• Reviewing the work done by each of the employees during the day and keeping a track of the performance of each employee.