What do you mean by pre-seed funding?

The first round of investment for a new firm occurs so early in the process that it is not usually counted among the fundraising rounds. This stage is also known as “pre-seed” funding, and it relates to the time when a company’s founders are just getting their operations off the ground. The founders, as well as close friends, sponsors, and others, are the most prevalent “pre-seed” financiers. This fundraising stage might happen fast or take a long time, depending on the nature of the firm and the early expenditures associated with establishing the business idea. It’s also possible that at this point, investors aren’t investing in exchange for stock in the firm. In most situations, the company founders are the investors in a pre-seed investment situation.

Very little VC’s or angels invest that early, most likely find will be from your friends, family, colleagues… I’ve had one friend he had only an idea for a startup, he did manage to raise up to €50,000 on LinkedIn, just messaging people and asking are they willing to be a part of this and invest some cash, that could work!

90% chance this means that they are already in your phone as a contact.