What are your interests and hobbies?

Interests are activities that a person enjoys doing in his or her spare time. These are
activities that the individual is extremely passionate about and takes very seriously.
These are chores that, when completed, cause the individual to lose track of time.
A person may excel at certain activities, such as being a national-level badminton player.

These enable the interviewee to stand out from the crowd.

Hobbies are activities that someone does for fun and do not require them to be excellent.
These activities could include watching movies, listening to music, or reading books. When
asked about your interests and hobbies, make sure you do a lot of reading to give a good
answer to the follow-up questions.

For example, if someone enjoys reading, he should be well prepared to respond to questions
such as favorite genre, best author, best book, favorite quote, and so on. So conduct thorough
research to be well prepared for this question if it arises during the interview

Reading B-school interview experiences and realizing that everyone who appears for them has a pastime can be quite frustrating. You either don’t enjoy doing anything in your spare time or what you do isn’t worthy of being called a pastime like watching movies and youtube.

But it is not ok to say that you don’t have a hobby. This is like telling the interviewer that you don’t have a hobby. A hobby should be unique and novel if you want to stand out. It will make listeners more engaged, and when sometimes, if there are common hobbies, this can start a great conversation. But if you don’t want to be asked much, pick a unique hobby personal to you.

If you don’t have anything concrete, don’t worry, You can develop a hobby in 2 to 3 months. Depending on how frequently you pursue them, how productive they are, or how engaged you are in them, you have the option to nurture your existing activities or start over and select new ones.

During their free time, everyone attempts to pursue their interests. However, if an individual is facing an interview to get admission to the IIMs or any other B-School, it is critical that they do not lie. Having a deep understanding of your pastime, on the other hand, does not ensure admission to the IIMs or any other B-School.

A hobby is something that each person enjoys doing in their spare time. As a result, it is critical that candidates try numerous queries and replies while stating their hobbies. Simultaneously, they must maintain their composure when responding to questions about their hobbies. Candidates must demonstrate their enthusiasm for the topic when responding to such questions. Last but not least, applicants should never talk about their hobbies in a lighthearted manner.

Some of the best hobbies to mention are: -

  1. Volunteering and participation in community activities.
  2. Reading, watching films, cooking etc.
  3. Skills development like any online course or language learning.
  4. Try to include sports and health-related activities as well.

How to present your Hobbies and Interest in an MBA admissions PI?” is a question a candidate often asks to himself or herself.

Some points to remember while mentioning your hobbies and interests or some ways to mention them are as follows -

  1. Please include them in your introduction - You can include them or mention them while introducing yourself or in answer to the question "Tell me about yourself, which is not mentioned in your CV. "
  2. Be wary and informed - If you are mentioning a hobby or interest, you should be well prepared for the panelists’ questions. It would be best not to sound dishonest or less genuine about your answer because it would be perilous for your chances.
  3. Create a relationship - Try to create a relationship between your hobbies or interests and skills you have achieved through them. Also, explain how those skills help you in day-to-day life.