What are your expectations of me as an employee in this position?

Follow these steps to provide a winning answer for a question about your job expectations:

  1. Determine the true question.
  2. Answer honestly.
  3. Keep the answer positive.
  4. Answer directly with specific details.

1. Determine the true question

The first step to answering the question “What are your job expectations?” correctly is determining the actual question the interviewer is asking. Use context clues from your conversation to determine what the interviewer is asking when formulating your response.

2. Answer honestly

When you are answering this interview question, it is important to be truthful. Providing an honest answer to this question helps the interviewer determine whether you are a good fit for their team.
If the interviewer is asking about expectations in your prior role, avoid the temptation to exaggerate your responsibilities. If the interviewer is asking what you expect from them as an employer, you should identify the things that are most important to your job satisfaction. If the interviewer is asking for your understanding of the expectations for this role, use your own words to explain the job duties based on the job description.

3. Keep the answer positive

It is essential to keep all your answers optimistic during an interview. You should always reflect on positive experiences and the things you liked most about your previous positions and avoid discussing areas of stress or concern in your previous roles. Staying upbeat about your prior experiences shows the interviewer you can reflect on the positives in any situation and assures them you won’t speak negatively about their company later.

4. Answer directly with specific details

It is crucial to answering questions about job expectations both directly and specifically. Answering this question using precise details ensures there is a clear understanding between you and the employer of both your and their expectations. If the interviewer is asking about your prior job expectations, identify a specific scenario that shows how you met or exceeded expectations. If the interviewer is asking what you expect from them, briefly explain why the factors you choose are important to you.