What are white hat hackers?

Penetration testing is done by white hat hackers or security specialists. They safeguard an organization’s information system.

  • A white hat hacker, also known as an ethical hacker, is someone who employs hacking talents to find security flaws in hardware, software, or networks.
  • They never attempt to harm a system during penetration testing or vulnerability assessments; instead, they want to find flaws in a computer or network system.
  • The ultimate goal is to find security flaws in your system so that you can protect your organisation from hazardous hackers.
  • They perform deep malware scans on networks, attempt to infiltrate information systems using Black Hat techniques, and even try to dupe employees into clicking on links that lead to malware infestations.
  • White Hats are one of the reasons why major firms experience less downtime and have fewer website troubles.
  • It’s critical for every internet business to adopt strong preventative steps, such as implementing good anti-malware security, spyware removal tools, and firewall software defense.