What are the tools in Project Management that are used for effective Project Planning?

As we know that Project Management is not a simple science. It is a complex amalgam of a wide variety of concepts that cover strategy to people management, IT communications to number crunching.Also known as an “Arrow” diagram, because the diagram consists of different arrows that can be used to connect different activities and also to display precedence. By using these arrows you can also show interdependencies between different activities of a project.

In the process of forming the [Network Diagram] there are always some assumptions to be made. The first assumption to be dreamt up is that all pending or ongoing activities have been completed before starting new ones.

The second assumption that has to be made is that all the arrows used in the Network diagram indicate a logical priority. What that means is that the direction of the arrow is displaying the unique sequence that needs to be followed for the proper execution of activities.

The last but not the least assumption is that Network Diagrams have no choice but to start with a single event and end with a single event because there is no place for dual start and endpoints.

If the [project managerwants to calculate the total duration of a specific project, they need to define a total of four dates for each specific task.

The first two are the start dates. The first date in these two is Early Start which is the earliest date on which the task can be started.