What are the tips to prepare for the Language Comprehension Section of Common Management Admission Test (CMAT)?

Verbal Ability, Vocabulary, English Grammar, and Reading Comprehension are the four sub-sections of any Language Comprehension test. You’ll need to use a different method for each of these. Important tips for preparing for the Language Comprehension component of the CMAT 2022 are listed below:

• Begin your preparation early to improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension. Every day, for at least an hour, read a variety of newspapers, books, and novels.
• While reading, jot down any unfamiliar words, phrases, or idioms you come across to evaluate their meaning, context, and application.
• Try your hand at crossword puzzles and games involving word meanings in your spare time. This will assist you in developing your English vocabulary in a fun way.
• The study of the root meanings can help you with vocabulary.
• Individually study Grammar topics to better understand concepts and how to apply them. After you’ve finished a topic, practice example questions to see how well you’ve grasped it.
• Only if you have a strong command of English can you solve parajumbles, sentence completion, rearrange sentences, and reading comprehension tasks correctly. You should be able to decipher the primary argument and understand the hidden implications.
• When reading data-driven RC sections, make a list of relevant points as you read. If there are any abstract paragraphs, break them down and read them in sections.
• Take as many CMAT practice examinations as you can. You’ll have to read, comprehend, and respond to questions in a short amount of time. Practicing mock examinations will assist you in mastering exam time management.