What are the tips for managing time in VARC(Verbal) section of Common Admission Test(CAT)?

Some Tips for strategies you should design for the VARC section of cat:
• The first section of CAT is VARC, read all of the questions carefully before beginning with the difficult and time-consuming ones. Choose to finish the most difficult questions first as you have time and won’t be too tense.
• Consider the first component to be Reading Comprehensions (RC), and the second section to be Grammar and Logical Reasoning. Separate these two pieces solve them separately and keep track of time.
• First, focus on the Verbal Ability questions. Grammar and VA are straightforward to score. After finishing Verbal Ability and English Grammar, move on to RC passages. This may not be good to follow as a general strategy but focus on your strong suit. Note that sometimes the difficulty level of questions varies.
• Each RC has a different amount of difficulty. They don’t have a lot of questions, but they take a long time to complete. In CAT, most RCs are based on personal opinions. As a result, it’s best to read a piece thoroughly in one sitting. It’s not going to help if you read the same thing over and over.
• The majority of the time, VA comprises light questions. The majority of students prefer to attempt them initially. In this section, precision is expected. As a result, they are referred to as refreshments. Fill in the gaps in the exam with these questions. Try to answer these questions in no more than ten minutes.
• Do not limit yourself to a single question. Begin to say “no” to things. If you don’t have an answer, continue on to the next question.