What are the soft skills you require for a career in marketing?

A career in this field of marketing, requires not only hard and technical knowledge on business, commerce and how markets work; but also one must be aware of their surroundings. Any applicant who has studied from a business school, must know the basic elements of business and how it is carried out. Further, the processes of group discussion and PI also play a very big role in determining the client’s requirements and whether the candidate’s abilities suit the role he has applied for. Communication and inter-personal skills are the biggest factor in determining any applicants potential in this field. Further, he must be quick at his feet and should have good skills of meeting deadlines. The market fluctuates, leading to different wants and needs of individuals who are consumers, and stakeholders, and any person who can manage to keep up with the changes through time is a good candidate. Further, being smart and expressive help any applicant perform better at the selection procedures. Since group discussions involve mass screening, an applicant must focus on his skills that can set him apart from all his competitors. Further, team work and punctuality are traits that always stay helpful and play a major role in the field of marketing.