What are the skills required for a Supply chain manager?

The Work of Supply chain manager includes both technical as well as the management aspects so an Supply chain Manager has to be well versed with technical skills and soft skills. Supply chain manager generally look over the Supply chain and logistics which requires a certain amount of technology related, the software they use and if need be, they have to configure and troubleshoot in case of difficulties. They also need to be well verse with Data analytics tool as they have to make informed decisions based on the data provided. Analytical skills is also an important aspect of their job.

Apart from the technical skills, they also need to have certain soft and managerial skills which include People management skills, Organizational skills, Decision making skills, team Building skills and most important of them all Leadership skills as he has to manage a team and guide them towards achieving a Goal. A Supply chain manager with a majority of the above mentioned skills will surely have a decent career progression.