What are the roles and responsibilities of reverse logistics managers?


A Reverse Logistics Manager coordinates with customers in order to understand their problems and their needs for pickups, deliveries and prioritize pickups to ensure proper schedule and liaison with courier companies and other external parties to have smooth operations. The detailed roles and responsibilities are as follows:

• Building scalable repair, exchange, and maintenance solutions in order to assist a customer base with their problems.
• To identify cost-effective solutions for post-sales customer assistance,
• Initiate and develop forecasts for the human resource component for the reverse logistics requirement.
• Informing the top management about the recurring root cause problems.
• Develop a strong understanding of reverse supply chai methods and services to recommend new programs.
• Establish metrics to track progress and develop solutions to overcome obstacles.
• Develop cross-functional collaboration with supply chain, manufacturing, finance, and sales departments.
• Manage end-to-end customer returns process after getting necessary authorization.
• Make efficient use of the available data to reduce the cost of returns.