What are the roles and responsibilities of a Logistics Administrator?


A logistics Administrator is a person who plans and tracks the logistics of a company, looks after a warehouse and customer services. The detailed roles and responsibilities of a Logistics Admin are as follows:
• Inspecting the updates on the roster of the transport roster and raising requests for changes.
• Maintaining a database by inputting the latest data of logistical movement into the system
• Planning the manpower resources available within the warehouse to ensure that no work remains unattended.
• Ensuring that the process to ship code bills and request checks are in order and up to the industry standards.
• Maintaining an efficient delivery schedule from the warehouse to various distributors and retailers.
• Planning the shipments and deliveries of the products after conforming to the availability of the product.
• Update the records of suppliers, customers and inform customers and distributors about the status of their orders.
• Ensuring that there are no delays in the shipping of the product due to any technical or product shortage reasons.