What are the role and responsibilities of Logistics Director?

Logistics Director is a key position in the Operations Department and generally looks after the Logistical processes and develops solutions to the complex Logistical Problems faced by the company while constantly trying to improve the current processes followed by the company. The detailed roles and responsibilities of a Logistics director is given below:

• Overlooking the processes followed for transportation and delivery of goods.
• Ensuring the policies and methods followed by the company are in lines with the budget and at the lowest price possible
• Overseeing, Monitoring and keeping tracks of the delivery schedules of the processes followed for deliveries
• Setting up strategic plans in accordance with the processes by getting inputs from the department heads .
• Getting involved in the process of recruitment and staffing, overseeing the activities of the current staff members to ensure the smooth functioning of the company.
• Planning the compensation structure and bonuses of the employees with HR department in a way which motivates the employees.