What are the responsibilities of a Media Manager?

Media managers are communication experts who create and distribute targeted content across various media platforms. All media content is researched, written, proofread, and edited, and media campaigns are implemented and managed and public relations and communications plans.


  • With the help of agencies, establish and track performance benchmarks and media costs.

  • Evaluate the results of your media efforts and come up with a set of success criteria.

  • Ascertain that program outputs yield the highest potential business benefits.

  • For best efficacy, advise marketing managers to adopt media policies.

  • Work with Market Research, agencies, and brand teams to maximize advertising management and media planning investment returns.

  • Keep an eye on the media marketplace to stay updated on the latest media trends.

  • Identify opportunities and emerging difficulties and consumer reaction to new technologies.

  • Develop a thorough understanding of media measuring and evaluation criteria.

  • Compile data from third-party sources such as MRI, Nielsen, and Simmons, among others.

  • Analyze media research and put findings into a strategy.

  • Manage and maintain media budgets and put in place approved plans, payments, and purchase orders.

  • Ensure that payment invoices and advertising billing are approved.

  • Manage the complete media budgeting process.

  • Maintain accurate spending forecasts and improve when needed.