What are the objectives of Human Resource Management?

The objectives of HRM can be broken down into four broad categories:

  1. Societal objectives: Measures put into place that responds to the ethical and social needs or challenges of the company and its employees. This includes legal issues such as equal opportunity and equal pay for equal work.
  2. Organizational objectives: Actions taken that help to ensure the efficiency of the organization. This includes providing training, hiring the right number of employees for a given task or maintaining high employee retention rates.
  3. Functional objectives: Guidelines used to keep HR functioning properly within the organization as a whole. This includes making sure that all of HR’s resources are being allocated to their full potential.
  4. Personal objectives: Resources used to support the personal goals of each employee. This includes offering the opportunity for education or career development as well as maintaining employee satisfaction.
  1. Provide qualified and motivated staff to assist the organization in achieving its objectives successfully and efficiently for successful growth opportunities.

  2. To make the best use of the existing human resources since resources in any organization are limited.

  3. Increasing employee job happiness and self-actualization to their maximum potential for minimum attrition in the organization.

  4. To improve and sustain the organization’s quality of work-life (QWL), which makes employment a desirable personal and social condition (meeting social responsibility requirements)

  5. To assist in the upkeep of ethical policies and behavior both within and beyond the organization to maintain discipline and compliance with the above.

  6. Establish and maintain positive working relationships with management so that there are lesser chances of conflicts and arguments.

  7. Align individual/group goals with organizational objectives so that both of them are fostered simultaneously. This will help in maintaining clarity of thoughts and harmony within the employees of an organization.