What are the non-sales roles in MBA marketing?

Students frequently associate marketing with sales; however, marketing encompasses much more.

Other than sales, some of the most popular career possibilities include:

  • Digital marketing: Digital marketing specialists and similar professionals manage campaigns through email marketing, Google AdWords, Facebook AdWords, and a website.

  • Branding Executives: If a firm has several products and services brands, branding executives seek to raise brand recognition for the company and its various brands.

  • Market Research Executive: Market research executives work on client organizations’ business problems and discover answers by gathering data from target audiences and asking them pertinent questions. They gather data and extrapolate it into projections, allowing their clients to make more educated judgments.

  • Events marketing: This is a branch of marketing that deals with organizing seminars, exhibitions, and outdoor events, such as setting up kiosks to raise brand awareness while also generating inquiries for products and services. They host events in numerous locations and cities to engage target clients.

  • Marketing manager: The duty of a marketing manager is to promote a company, product, or service. Launches, advertising, email campaigns, events, and social media are all common activities that marketing managers organize and handle.

  • Product Management: A product manager is in charge of overseeing the supply of items to customers as well as the profitability and market growth of those products.

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