What are the most common mistakes during the Common Admission Test (CAT) exam preparation?

  1. Some students don’t go through the complete syllabus, primarily in the VARC section of the cat. But Checking the syllabus is important to devise your strategy
  2. People just skim through topics without having a study plan. The preparation using this will be messy. You should chart a schedule and maintain timelines to avoid missing out on topics
  3. I know that analyzing a mock is a hassle, but you also should keep in mind that this is the most effective preparation method.
  4. People don’t devote enough time to a topic and end up losing on some important concepts or practice questions.
  5. Procrastinating is the major issue CAT aspirants face, this may lead to loss of motivation when the exam comes near.
  6. Aspirants take references from previous marks and feel that they cant score well. They don’t attempt the exam entirely due to this fear. Keep away from the mindset. Keep in mind that marks in the mock exam don’t matter. What matters is learning. So don’t fear and attempt your CAT Exam