What are the Key responsibilities of an equity research analyst?

Key responsibilities of an equity research analyst are: -

1. To produce quarterly and yearly updates.
2. Over a while, he/she wants to bring as many companies as possible under his/her coverage in the sector he/she is following.
3. To create distinct points of view that can stand on their own in the market.
4. To keep the sales, dealing, and trading teams up to date on the newest developments in the industry/company.

Equity researchers investigate the official information produced by the company issuing equity, such as yearly financial reports, corporate statements, and sales reports, among other things.

Equity researchers evaluate the current market conditions and forecast future trends before publishing their findings. Most of the time, equity researchers are assigned a group of firms to monitor. All conclusions must be straightforwardly communicated to the clients via formal presentations and reports.

However, equity researchers analyse and assess market conditions rather than focusing on a specific industry or company. They essentially research how external influences may affect investments within a particular location.