What are the do's and don'ts while studying online?

Like every other challenge, one of the first qualities of a CAT aspirant happens to be self-discipline, specially given the times we live in where online coaching and classes have become necessity more than options. You are on your track to pursue greatness and ace your management skills, and hence managing your assets and resources with self-discipline is something you should learn before getting into a prestigious B-School.

  1. Don’t leave the topics incomplete:

All the aspects of a topic, with various levels of difficulties, should be covered before moving on to another one. This maintains an order to be followed and also leaves no side of an important topic untouched before it gets too late.

  1. Be Consistent with your study pattern:

Always maintain a consistent study hour plan, which avoids fatigue but also keeps you regular. Having long study hours might exhaust candidates and they may lose interest. Limited but regular study hours are a much better plan.

  1. Invest smartly, but nicely in courses and study materials:

Enrolling yourself with good quality courses, test series and study materials is a right investment, but should be done after discussion and reviews, so the hard-earned money is spent at the right place. Always look out for the materials and courses that cover and explain all the sections well and are reviewed nicely in peer and expert circles.

  1. Prefer a desktop or a laptop over a tab or a mobile:

Nothing against mobile devices which have connected and made our lives better. However, it is important that aspirants always get a feel of the actual exam center, which is conducted on a desktop and a chair, it is important that they are trained to on such an environment.

  1. Try to make and maintain the plan for the whole period:

Always start with the given days in hands, the time you need to devote to each section with your existing knowledge, practice and expertise in mind, how much you need to cover daily according to your work and fatigue management.


  1. Try avoiding social media during study hours:

I am all for ample recreation and fatigue management, but online studying always keeps us near possible distractions of social media within our reach. It is here where self-discipline become most important and the urges are curbed by the mission at hand.

  1. Don’t keep piling things up:
    Until and unless there is any emergency, try your best to stick to your study plan and complete what you have planned to finish by the end of the day. Otherwise, things will keep piling up, and disturb your schedule and will eventually lead to rushing off on preparation of a few sections, which is never a good sign.