What are the domain in which an operations manager is employed?

It is a common Myth among people that an operations manager is only required in a manufacturing industry. Most of the people in the country are following this belief. However, there are many sectors like Finance, Retail, Production, etc sectors where in there is a requirement of an operations Manager.

An operation manager in a Finance company looks after the processes followed in the company. They keep a check of the receivables and payables due, creating Operational Finance Models and working on the enterprise cost management.

An operations manager in a retail company is in charge of the stores of the company and he ensures that the products are displayed in a proper manner and each and every bit of the shelf space is utilized in the best possible manner. He also looks after the delivery processes and returns received by the company.

Consulting is also a field in which many Operations managers work as a Operations consultant or a Supply chain consultant wherein they solve complex problems for their clients and provide solutions in exchange for a fee.