What are the different types of Market Research?

We have eight different sorts of market research in our arsenal:

  • Primary Research: Primary research is data collected directly from your target market through a number of methods. Because it is data that you developed, you own the data set.
  • Secondary Research: The utilization of data that has already been collected, analyzed, and published is known as secondary research.
  • Qualitative research: In qualitative market research, non-numerical, difficult-to-measure primary or secondary data is collected. Researchers collect this type of market research because it might add more depth to the data.
  • Quantitative research: Quantitative research is the collecting of numerically oriented primary or secondary data that can be collected more quickly.
  • Branding research: Branding market research aids in creating, managing, and maintaining a company’s brand, and This might refer to the company’s tone, branding, imagery, values, or identity.
  • Customer research: Customer market research examines the major impacts on your target customers and how your organization can make changes to increase sales.
  • Competitor research: Knowing who your competitors are and analyzing their strengths and shortcomings in relation to your company is the goal of competitor market research. It could also be about your market’s competitive offering or how to enter a new market.
  • Product research: Product market research is an important step in ensuring that your products and services are ready to go to market and perform as well as possible.