What are the career options after MBA in Marketing?

MBA Marketing is one of India’s most popular MBA specialties. MBA in Marketing graduates can choose from a variety of professional opportunities with abundant opportunities. These jobs are not exclusive to a single industry but are found across the board in the market.

Some of the renowned options are:

  1. Sales Manager - A sales manager is the person in charge of a sales team. Their responsibilities include overseeing all of the sales team’s activities.

  2. Digital Marketing Executive - A Digital Marketing Executive is in charge of planning, developing, implementing, and managing the whole digital marketing strategy of a firm.

  3. Digital Marketing Manager – A Digital Marketing Manager communicates with a Digital Marketing Executive on a regular basis. Their job is to collect all required information from market trends.

  4. Marketing manager – A marketing manager is in charge of promoting an organization’s offerings. They are in charge of all marketing projects and campaigns.

  5. Brand Manager - A brand manager’s role is to develop, protect, and enhance a company’s image. This encompasses all of the brand’s services and goods.

  6. Marketing Analyst - A marketing analyst researches the market and examines the factors that influence sales. Prospects are also brought in for the sales teams.

  7. Product manager - Throughout the lifecycle of a product, a Product Manager is in charge of all tasks related to that product. A Product Manager can oversee several products at the same time.

  8. Marketing executive - A Marketing Executive’s tasks include managing marketing initiatives, doing market research, and increasing brand awareness.

  9. Social media manager - A Social Media Manager uses social media to implement marketing plans and initiatives aimed at improving sales and brand exposure for their company.

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