What are the advantages of using a WCMS?

A WCMS benefits businesses in the following ways:

  • Low cost. A WCMS is typically inexpensive, often being free or offering subscriptions that outweigh overall costs.
  • Easy to use. Most WCMS options are user-friendly for people who do not have a technical coding background to create or maintain content.
  • Easily customizable. A WCMS creates a universal layout that enables beginner users to create and customize front ends easily.
  • Workflow management. Administrators can control and personalize workflow management in a WCMS. Some WCMS options enable administrators to set up their own workflow management rules and provide them with a series of steps to set up each task.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). A WCMS provides businesses with the editing tools required to improve search engine ranking. The WCMS should enable users to easily create content with the correct keywords, provide meta information – such as description, keywords and alternative text for images – and link content within the text.