What are the 4 elements of organizational behavior?

Organizational Behavior (OB) has also four main elements.ie;

  1. people,
  2. structure,
  3. technology, and
  4. external environment.

1. People/ Employee:
The [employee] is one of the very important parts of an [organization] . There is no any alternative in an organization without employee/people. You know, there may be many parties in an organization. Some party may be formal and some may be informal.

These parties are not stable rather than mobile. Actually, today’s Human Organization is tomorrow’s future.

Organization and employee are connected to each other and it will remain forever.

2. Structure:
This is the second steps of organizational behavior. Actually, Structure means the formal relationship with on the job employee of an organization.

There is created different types of position for doing work nicely in the organization.

These position or designation are Manager, Accountant, Administration and general staff. These officer and staff have to connect structurally so that they can work efficiently and can play an important role in organizational development.

3. Technology:
Technology is a very important primary aspect of organizational structure in the modern age. Technology supplies essential resource and equipment to the employee for doing their work efficiently.
Thus technology effect on their activity.
Employees are not able to finish their work with the bare hand.

They build the buildings, prepare the design of the devices, determine the working process, assemble the resources with the help of technology.

Technology effects notably on the correlation of workers at the workplace.
5. Environment:
There is no any organization where they can survive alone. Every organization has to work on the internal and [external environment].

[Management]has to come near to all the staff to maintain a good working environment.

You know, a good working environment is helpful for good production.