What are some non-typical sales roles?

Some other non-typical roles in the sales industry are as follows -

  • Outside salesperson

Outside sales roles are becoming less popular due to the advent of email, social media, and web-conferencing capabilities, as well as a growing desire to communicate with salespeople digitally and over the phone rather than in person.

Most of an outside salesperson’s time is spent “in the field” or contacting potential customers at their places of business.

A field sales job might be alienating because you’re primarily working alone or with a small group of people.

You will, however, most likely have a flexible schedule.

Because you’ll be meeting buyers on your own, employers prefer more experienced salesmen for outside sales positions.

As a result, if you’re new to sales, and outside sales position might not be the best fit.

  • Account Manager

Once the first purchase is completed, account managers enter the picture.

An account manager’s portfolio is relatively steady, unlike a salesperson whose accounts are continually changing.

You’ll engage with each customer to learn about their needs, develop a long-term strategy, and assist them in getting the most out of your product.

An account manager is also the company’s primary point of contact for clients.

They’ll come to you if they have non-support questions.

Retention and satisfaction rates are the most important measures.

On the other hand, account managers are looking for upselling and cross-sell chances.

You’ll do well as an account manager if you’re passionate about developing long-term connections and serving as an internal advocate for your customers.