What are some management roles offered by the Microsft to the freshers?

To achieve their aim of making the world more innovative and more productive, Microsoft draws on the broad backgrounds and experiences of dedicated engineers, scientists, and program managers.

They think that exceptional products are created by diverse teams of customer-focused individuals who trust and collaborate closely.

They constantly interact throughout the firm to identify technology breakthroughs from divisions like Microsoft Research and incorporate AI into other Microsoft products like Office and Azure.

Following are some management roles offered by Microsoft:

Product Manager

A product manager analyses the consumer demand and more significant company objectives that a product or feature will meet articulates what success looks like for a product, and rallies a team to make that vision a reality.

Project Manager

A project manager is someone who organises, plans, and implements projects while staying within budget and time limitations.

Project managers are in charge of teams, setting objectives, dealing with stakeholders, and overseeing project completion.

Whether it’s executing a marketing campaign, building a building, creating a computer system, or presenting a new product, the project manager has the responsibility for the project’s success or failure.