What are some good Operation projects for Final year?

There is a growing demand for discerning authorities in supply chain management because effective ideas and new solutions are required in almost every business. As a result, pursuing a career in SCM is likely to be an advantageous decision.

Those who have already entered the area must positively impact global trends by establishing strategies and concepts based on creative thinking and analysis and strengthening the supply chain management infrastructure.

1. Demand Forecasting and Planning

This project aims to devise a cost-effective strategy for ensuring supply chain sustainability. Businesses can increase Purchase Price Variance (PPV) savings by using Demand Caster to manage demand efficiently and forecast future price rises. The initiative recommends that supply chain firms integrate Inventory Optimization SaaS into their operations for better inventory management.

2. Creating Profitable Supplier Relationships in a Tough Market

The project emphasizes creating and sustaining productive partnerships with suppliers in a fast-changing supply chain sector. The research looks into the elements that influence the quality of such connections and what efforts a firm can take to strengthen and foster mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, thereby improving the purchasing management process.

3. Consolidation of WMS Systems

The project proposes consolidating many Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) systems into a single, centrally hosted system. This will improve the agility of WMS systems to keep up with changing business trends. Because procedures are now automated, utilizing RF devices to track product movement can lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It also gives managers better visibility into warehouse processes, allowing them to manage them more effectively.

This automation can be accomplished by employing the following methods:

  • HighJump Software WMS is a web-based reporting system from HighJump Software,
  • HighJump WebWise is a web-based reporting system from HighJump Software.

4. Effective Cost-Reduction Negotiating Techniques

The relevance of excellent bargaining and persuasive abilities in saving a company money while purchasing raw materials is explored in this study. It proposes that every member of a company’s supply chain management team receive professional training to properly use bargaining as a cost-cutting technique.

5. Rethinking Manufacturing Workflows

The idea involves rearranging the workflow of individual manufacturing technicians to increase a company’s productivity. It’s feasible because to Demand Solutions, which encourages planning and scheduling ahead of time. This will increase stocking, builder efficiency, and order visibility, optimizing internal operations accordingly.

6. Supply Chain Big Data and IoT

The project stresses the role of Big Data in supply chain operations optimization and performance efficiency improvement through effective prediction. Companies that use Big Data and IoT in their operations are able to not only proactively control risks, but also enhance overall sales revenue.

7. Inventory management software

The project emphasises the value of computers in inventory control and how they can be used effectively to improve company processes. It also covers analysis approaches,methodology, and testing methods for ensuring computerization’s accuracy and efficacy in a corporate setting.

8. Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The concept recommends that businesses apply Artificial Intelligence to better their decision-making processes. AI-based robots are powerful decision-making tools because they are designed to recognise patterns, learn, and evaluate data in a way that mimics human intelligence. According to the survey, organisations must take a strong interest in identifying areas where AI and Machine Learning might be useful in order to reap the wide-ranging benefits of these technologies.