What are some fun facts about working as an employee at microsft?

Anyone who has ever used a PC is familiar with Microsoft .

Many students and professionals worldwide cannot picture life without what this technological industry produces.

Many engineering or MBA graduates dream to work for Microsoft, and if you are planning to work for Microsoft, here are some fun facts about Microsoft:

Microsoft’s Employee “Sweet” Tradition

The Microsoft employees have a fascinating ritual. If it is the anniversary of their first day at Microsoft, it is expected that they will get sweets in to share with their coworkers. The amount of sweets they bring in is determined by how long they have been with the company. Traditionally, one employee brings in one pound of sweets for each year at Microsoft.

Employees are “Softies”

Anyone who works for Microsoft is referred to as a ‘Softie.’

Microsoft employs around 88.000 people throughout its many locations. Their combined premises cover a total of 32,404,796 square feet in square footage.

While many companies strive for equal male and female employees, Microsoft’s male to female ratio is exceptionally high. At this company, men make up roughly 74% of the workforce.

Microsoft analyzed employee data to determine their average employee and discovered that the average Microsoft employee is a 38-year-old guy. A developer’s average pay is $106,000.