What are some careers in Operations Management?

Operations management refers to that area in the field of business which ensures the smooth functioning of the day-to-day activities of the company and helps the company create highest level of efficiency in the work done. Operations is a diverse field and has some great career prospects among which the top roles are:

  1. Junior/Associate Operations Manager - Strategizes Process Improvements and responsible for maintaining and enhancing efficiency of the processes.
  2. Quality Control Manager - Looks over the Production Processes and ensure that the produced goods are superior in quality and wastage is minimized.
  3. Production Planner - Overlooks the manufacturing process of a company and is responsible for processes to be completed in time and reduce the idle time.
  4. Operations Research/ Analyst - In charge of assessing the company’s policies procedures and workings through relevant data and suggesting changes after thorough analysis of available data
  5. Inventory Manager- Responsible for Handing the Inventory levels of the company, deciding the Economic Order quantity, Batch Sizes and looks after the warehousing and Storage aspect.