What are some benifits other than CTC provided at JP Morgan?

JP Morgan is one of the largest banking and finance service firms globally. You will be working with the latest technologies since JP Morgan is not just a bank. It’s a technological banking firm.

You will also be getting a plethora of work experience and learnings from management and projects you are doing with the company.

You will get both monetary and non-monetary additional benefits from the firm time-to-time.

Some monetary benefits other than CTC are as follows -

  • Annual Bonus (Over the CTC and 5-15% of CTC)
  • CEO’S Bonus (For those employees who had completed a minimum of one year with the firm, the amount is based on the board’s discretion during the festive season) during November or December.

Some Non-monetary benefits that had been provided by the company are as follows -

  • Food Sodexo card (60-70 Rs based on employees’ shift)
  • Free Transportation
  • Free Gym
  • Health insurance