What are some basic strategies to follow while attempting VARC section in CAT?

VARC is one of those sections where engineers and non-engineers lose marks alike due to some fundamental mistakes they make while attempting the section.

It is one of the most dreaded sections because candidates fall into obvious traps.

To ignore those mistakes and increase their marks in this section, some basic strategies are as follows -

  • Always look for smaller passages to solve first and choose RCs you feel can read and understand easily.
  • Always go for passages you are comfortable with, even if it is the larger one.
  • Always double-check answers before marking, and do not fall for the speed trap.
  • Answering all the questions is not necessary. Just focus on increasing your efficiency and increasing the number of correct answers.
  • Do not tick the answer if you are not sure whether it is correct or not. You can take chances with TITA-based questions since they have no negative marking.