What are some basic strategies to follow while attempting the CAT exam?

“CAT or Common admission test” is one of the most competitive exams in India. IIMs organize the exam, and Various B-schools accept it for their admission process.

The exam consists of three sections with a 2-hour limit to solve them. Candidates prepare for the exams with lots of hard work but sometimes fail to bell the CAT. That, too, is due to some minor mistakes.

Some basic strategies to follow while attempting the test to avoid these mistakes are as follows -

  • The available series of the sections in the exam are VARC-LRDI-QA and are fixed. It is very easy to carry forward the frustration or confidence of one section to the next. This might be doom for candidates. Every time before attempting a section, reset yourself. It will help you stay focused on problems before you and help you be efficient.
  • Be focused throughout this 2-hours slot. Do not falter during this period, as this might cause you to lose significant and precious time.
  • Always skim through the section for easier questions or familiar questions. This will help you to solve them quickly and save time. The probability of getting correct answers is always high for this set of questions.
  • Do not mark questions until you are 100% sure about the answer. This test revolves around speed, but accuracy is also an important component.
  • You can take risks with TITA questions.
  • Skip questions if you are not able to solve them and save time.