What are some basic strategies to follow while attempting QA section in CAT?

QA or Quantitative analysis is one of the sections you can prepare in an organized manner. By preparing basics and enough practice, you are good to go.

However, many people, especially non-engineers, still make a significant amount of mistakes in the section.

To avoid these basic mistakes while attempting the section, you should follow these basic strategies that are -

  • Skim through the paper once, look for familiar questions, and solve them as fast as you can. This will help you save time and get an accurate answer to these questions are higher.
  • Avoid using an on-screen calculator as much as possible. The calculator given on-screen is infamous for being very hard to use, and we lose a lot of time-solving calculations.
  • Try using paper sheets, and doing calculations manually might help you do the question much more quickly and sometimes helps if calculations get wrong.
  • Do not tick any question if you are unsure about the answer and do not have confidence in the answers. Until unless it is a TITA-based question, do not answer it. If wrong, it will lead to negative marking