What are preparation tips for the logical reasoning section of Common Management Admission Test (CMAT)?

Regularly completing problem-solving diagrammatic IQ exams and learning new strategies can help you prepare for the logical reasoning section. However, because this is such a broad topic, it is recommended that you do not devote too much time to anyone issue and instead divide your time evenly across all of them.

The following are some helpful hints for improving a candidate’s logical reasoning score:

• Regularly doing crosswords, puzzles, and sudoku will help you improve your problem-solving abilities.
• When answering a question, candidates should look for words like “including,” “only,” “other than,” and “unless.”
• Negative prefixes, such as non-, un-, and dis-, should also be considered.
• When answering logical reasoning problems, don’t make any assumptions on your own.
• Make it a habit to write down all of the information and data you’re provided before you start answering questions.
• Examine the question papers from past years.
• Keep a level head and rely on your planning. If the mind is not calm, no puzzle can be moved.
• Make sure your planning is solid as many practice tests and sample papers as you can.