What are Points of Parity (POP's)?

The elements that must be present for a brand to be considered a competitive rival in its category are referred to as points of parity.
It’s what makes people think of your brand when they’re deciding between you and your competition. So, before you start figuring out what it takes to be a player in your category, be sure you’ve covered all of these bases. Points of parity also indicate your competitors’ differences over your brand that you must address. They are situations in which you must demonstrate that you are on par with (but necessarily better than) your competitors in order to nullify their advantage and redirect attention to your unique selling propositions.

POP can be divided into two types:

Category POPs: The perceived obligation features that a brand must deliver to exist in a specific category are called category POPs, i.e., The features customers intuitively expect from the product.

Competitive POPs: After a brand has provided the essential components for the category, the next step is to develop competitive points-of-parity, which entails adding features that counteract the competitors’ points of differentiation. If a brand can deliver better or similar components than its competitors’ points of differentiation (PODs), it can achieve a suitable competitive posture.