What are Points of Differentiation (POD's)?

Points of differentiation also called points of difference, are features of a product or service that set it apart from its competitors. These distinguishing traits can influence customers to choose your company or product above others.

The differentiation aspects can be:

Price: A lower price might serve as a point of differentiation, attracting a larger customer base. On the other hand, a greater price can serve as a point of differentiation by implying that the offering is more prestigious or premium.

Features: Customers might get more return on investment if they buy your goods or service. You could, for example, sell an electric kettle with temperature settings that allows you to meet a variety of hot-water needs without having to constantly monitor the water with a thermometer.

Quality or dependability: A excellent quality and dependability product are more likely to present fewer problems and also attract more customers.

Service: Nonfunctional aspects of your product or service, such as good after-sales customer care or just courteous people, can be distinguishing features.

Design: Many people are drawn to appealing product designs. This is particularly true with apparel, accessories, automobiles, and electronics.