What are objectives of World Trade Organization (WTO)

There are various objectives of WTO some of them are:
To study & supervise on a regular basis the operation of revised GATT agreements.
To promote trade throughout the globe.
To Stop trade barriers.
To provide trade review mechanism.
To create goods council, services council, & TRIPS council as subsidiary bodies.
To enhance deals and businesses around the globe fairly without any partiality.

The official website of WTO lays out the following five objectives:

  1. Trade Negotiations:
    Setting up a platform to reach consensus on rules of international trade.
  2. Implementation and Monitoring:
    It requires countries to make their trade policies more transparent and in cohesion with the international agreements. It puts mechanisms in place to ensure compliance.
  3. Dispute Settlement:
    It acts as a neutral body which would act as an dispute settlement institution to resolve conflicts between nations.
  4. Building Trade Capacity:
    WTO uses its considerable resources to build trade capacity of developing countries.
  5. Outreach:
    Maintains communication with NGOs and other organizations to receive inputs and disseminate information regarding its workings.