What are most popular MNC Companies hiring in Operations Domain?

There is a constant need of managers and staff in the field of Operations in Multinational Companies as their scale of operations are huge and they are located in several countries in the world. This is why, some of the largest recruitment is seen in the operations department of the company. Multinationals hire people for roles like Operations Manager, Supply chain Analyst, Demand Planner, forecast specialist, Supply chain Planner. Hiring in B schools for such has also increased drastically and the companies are paying a handsome salary to get the best talent in their companies. Some of the top Multinational Companies recruiting for the Operations role in the country are as follows:
• Airtel
• Amazon
• Flipkart
• Wipro
• Samsung
• Procter and Gamble
• Johnson & Johnson
• Colgate Palmolive
• Cummins
• Google
• Walmart
• Fed-Ex
• Ford