What are good finance colleges in India?

Finance is one of the most popular MBA specialisations, with a large number of students interested in pursuing this degree. When we hear the word “financial,” we immediately think of banking, but finance encompasses much more than that. The management, control, and examination of the collection, investment, and resources of money as a capital required for an industrial building, plant, and operating incorporates finance as a subject.
In current age of industrialization, there is a high demand for active and skilled financial analysts to prepare and oversee their financial sector. As a result, the MBA in finance is the most popular programme worldwide. Analytical thinking, continuous process, concept of managerial decision, maintaining balance between risk and profitability, coordination process, and centralised character are all covered in this course. Finance MBAs can work in both the banking and non-banking sectors. In the business world, you can work from anyplace. Every sector requires a financial specialist to manage their capital balance. At the same time, it is critical to select the right choice of institution from which to follow the course. You should choose a college or institution that offers a strong curriculum, high-quality education, and a diverse range of chances. If you are certain that an MBA in Finance is the right career path for you, selecting an MBA college to lay the groundwork for this path is crucial in order to give your finance career the best possible start.
-IIM Calcutta
-IIM Ahmedabad
-IIM Banglore
-JBIMS Mumbai
-FMS Delhi
-ISB Hyderabad
-XLRI Jamshedpur
-MDI Gurgoan