What are black hat hackers?

People that are skilled at breaking network security are known as black hat hackers. These hackers can create malware for a variety of reasons, including personal financial gain or malevolent intent. They breach a secure network in order to change, steal, or destroy data, rendering the network inaccessible to authorized users.

Criminals who enter into computer networks with evil intent are known as black hat hackers.

They may also distribute malware that deletes files, enslaves machines, or steals passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information.

While hacking has become a major intelligence gathering tool for governments, Black Hats still prefer to work alone or with organised crime groups for quick cash.

Black Hats in the higher echelon are usually expert hackers who work for sophisticated criminal organisations that, like regular businesses, provide collaboration tools for their employees and offer service agreements to clients.

Hackers that specialise in phishing or administering remote access tools are known as black hat hackers.

Some people build and sell harmful software on their own, while others prefer to work through franchises or lease agreements, exactly like in the real world.

Black hat hacking is always unlawful due to its hostile intent, which includes stealing company data, invading privacy, inflicting system damage, and blocking network connections, among other things.