What are best resources to follow for Operations Management?

Operations Management is a very vast field and the amount of resources available online are huge. The resources includes books, YouTube channels, Company updates, news, Blogs and free courses offered by various universities and platforms. Some of the best company posts and Blog pages to be UpToDate and learn concepts of Operations Management are:

• Mckinsey & Co’s articles on Operations
• Micro Focus Community- IT Ops Management
• Jay, Barry and Chuck’s Ops Blog
• USC consulting group articles
• OpsMan Blog
• The Operations Blog
Apart from this, there are various online platforms like coursera, udemy and Universities online repositories which provide abundant courses and materials on Operations Management. The courses are free and are taught by some of the most prominent tutors and professors in the world. All of those are self-paced and can be done from anywhere which would add to the ease factor and facilitate easy and quick learning.