What are 7P's of Marketing?

The Marketing Mix has developed itself over the years and evolved into 7P’s of marketing. As an upcoming marketeer, you should know what they are.

Product: A product is what you’re offering, and it includes all of the features, perks, and advantages that your clients can get by purchasing your goods or services.

Price: This refers to your product and service price plan, as well as how it will impact your customers.

Promotion: Advertising, sales strategies, promotions, and direct marketing are examples of promotional activities that you can employ to make your customers aware of your products and services. These are known as marketing methods in most cases.

Place: The location of your products and services is where they are seen, created, sold, or distributed. Customers need easy access to your items, and you need to make sure they can discover you.

People: People refer to your company’s employees and salesmen, including yourself.

Process: The processes involved in delivering your products and services to customers are called processes.

Physical evidence: Everything your customers see while dealing with your company is referred to as physical evidence.