What accomplishments are you most proud of?

  1. So far I am most proud of earning my Master’s Degree in Business and Management. But, speaking honestly, I consider it just as a start of my journey, not an end. I hope to achieve many other things, both as a manager and as a man, father, son, and in any other roles I may have in my life. I love setting goals and pursue them with my work, dedication, enthusiasm.

  2. Speaking honestly, I consider my personal transformation my greatest achievement. I was a neurotic person, and also an egoistic woman. But I was lucky enough to have around me good and empathetic people who helped me to overcome my inner demons, and to become a new person. But I would not say that I am proud. I am mostly grateful for the opportunities, for the people around me, and for everything else that helped me on my journey of personal transformation. I do not want to give too much credit to myself for this accomplishment.

  3. Greatest accomplishment? Perhaps that I managed to build a great sales team in my last job of a sales manager. I worked mostly with young people, rough talent. I had to teach them everything, and also overcome the initial difficulties–the doubts they had, series of rejections they experienced, and other challenges each young salesman deals with. But eventually we managed to become the most successful sales team in the entire organization nationwide, and I certainly played a big part in our success story.

  4. I’m proud of raising two children who have become open minded, empathetic and good people. It’s not easy to accomplish such thing in today’s world, and it takes many years of effort. But I always considered this as my most important role being a woman and a mother. Speaking about work, I had mostly simple roles, such as a secretary or administrative assistant. And while I tried to do my job well each day in the office, we can hardly speak about great achievements one can attain working as an administrative assistant…

  5. To be honest, I do not like the word proud. First of all, I was incredibly lucky in my life. Lucky to be born in a good family in a first world country, to receive education, to be more or less healthy. I am well aware that most people aren’t so lucky in their lives. Therefor I prefer to be grateful for anything that I managed to achieve–be it an excellent result in school, or at work. Because at the end of the day I would have achieved nothing, had I not been so lucky in my life.

  6. I am still young and just starting my professional career. Certainly I am proud of graduating from school, but I still wait for the first real great accomplishment of my life. Applying for a job in your marketing agency, I hope to get a chance to work on some big campaigns, to have some impact in my work, and maybe to achieve a positive change in the world. I definitely have aspirations, but still have to wait for the first real big achievement.

  7. I am most proud of overcoming the adversity which I faced in my young life. Coming from a poor family, we always struggled with money, and my parents had daily conflicts and fights. It was not easy to get over my childhood traumas, and find courage to pursue some dreams. But I found the courage, studied hard and had a job at the same time to pay for my studies. It was not as an easy period of life, but here I am, applying for a great job with you. I am proud of being able to even get to this point. Let’s see what’s next…