Virtual MBA interview experience

A physical interview is not the same as a virtual interview. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the admissions process was moved online. Previously, students had to travel to interview centers and sit through the interview process. It had been a long and difficult process. Candidates had to travel and then wait for their interviews back then. There used to be a lot of exhaustion. With everything moving online, students are almost always given an interview slot. They no longer need to travel. They can awaken according to their time slots. As a result, fatigue does not significantly impair student performance. Constantly waiting in the virtual lobby, on the other hand, can be equally taxing on the eyes. In most cases, a student is not given an interview order, so they must wait for their turn for the duration of the slot. If the electricity or internet connection is poor, the performance will suffer. Though the panelists are aware that it is normal, it can demotivate the interviewee.