VGSOM Interview Experience

Name: Yash Nigam

Profile: Class X CGPA: 10 (2013), Class XII- 94.4 percent (2015), B-Tech, Mechanical Engineering, DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY (2019) with 84%, Worked for an automotive component manufacturer for 12 months and 15 days as a Graduate Engineer Trainee. CAT 2020: 97 percentile with 90 or higher in all sections.

The interview was conducted on the ZOOM platform

The interview process at IIT Kharagpur was extremely technical. They grilled me extensively about the subjects I studied during my graduation. This was a one-of-a-kind experience because, in most cases, one is asked to name his or her favorite subject. The panelists asked me material science questions, and I was asked to draw the iron-carbon diagram and walk them through each conversion phase. Then they quizzed me on Internal Combustion Engines. They first asked me to distinguish between an otto cycle and a diesel cycle. Then he asked me to create a P-v and T-s diagram for both the otto and diesel cycles. They then asked me to explain the dual cycle using a P-v and T-s graph. Then they asked me to explain PMM 1 and PMM 2 (Perpetual Motion Machines). In addition, I was asked to state the Kelvin Plan statement and the Clausius statement. Also, I was asked to define Enthalpy and Entropy.

Result: Selected