Unconventional Careers in marketing?

Marketing is an ever-evolving domain, because new ideas, new products & new ways of serving customers keep coming up. Along with this, what is more, important to understand is that every new deliverable requires new technical skills, hence not only the field evolves due to the market but also from an employer respective. Every new skill is required now & then creates new job opportunities.

Some of the new & trending job roles in marketing are as follows

Social Media Marketing Manager

One thing that all social media platforms have in common is that they are communities of individuals that exchange information. Companies and goods play a significant part in these social networks, marketing to and communicating with current and future consumers, as well as brand champions and influencers.
Marketers that specialize on social media are specialists in this field. They collaborate closely with the content and digital teams to build campaigns and social content that drive demand for the product and raise brand recognition.
Working with data analytics tools to understand the audience and real-time measures of social activity, social media marketers must be numbers-savvy.

Partner Marketing

They search for ways for two or more companies to work together to promote one another for mutual advantage. Partnerships allow companies to reach new audiences, with the goal of providing a more comprehensive consumer experience than any brand could provide on its own.

Partner marketers find suitable partners, create a connection with them, and then cooperate with them to plan and conduct co-marketing campaigns — all while balancing their own company’s aims with the needs of their partners. They must instill in their firm the benefits of partnerships and monitor the partner program’s capacity to achieve the marketing goal.